Husbandry Services

Every shipowner may require not only a shipping agency at their port of arrival. Remar has a specialized team of professionals that attend Husbandry matters in all ports and terminals of Ecuador, with strong bonds with local providers, guaranteeing operational efficiency and allowing services to be carried out on time and well-coordinated with the ship's program.

Our Services

  • Change of ship management
  • Crew change: meet & greet, hotel reservations, shore passes, transportation, terminal entry permits, Covid testing
  • Medical care for crew members: doctor on board, hospitalization, examinations, and medicines for treatment
  • Attention to inspectors, auditors, maintenance personnel of the ship
  • Coordination of delivery of parcels, documents, and spare parts on board the vessel, with customs clearance
  • Delivery of Cash to Master on board
  • Delivery of provisions: fresh water, food, spare parts, lubricants, among others
  • Garbage disposal, sludge, and bilge disposal
  • Management of maritime permits for project ships
  • Ship Chandler
  • Communication services – SIM cards
  • Delivery of nautical charts
  • Delivery of flags
  • Coordination of hull, diving services and underwater inspection
  • Drug and alcohol testing of crew, on board the vessel
  • Survey services

Our Contact

+593 96 784 0369