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Organizational Philosophy



To provide shippers, charterers and shipowners, integral solutions for satisfying their requirements through a wide range of services supported on solid values such as experience, commitment and efficiency, enabling them achieving their own objectives, and attaining the expected revenues for their businesses.


To maintain the highest quality standards in the provision of transportation services, shipping agency and logistics, being recognized as the most reliable and efficient business partner, both locally and abroad.


Ingrated Policy

Remar is an organization committed to provide the most effective alternatives  to address the requirements of its customers in transportation, shipping agency and logistics services in general, while promoting a culture of quality, ensuring the welfare of its employees through the implementation of best practices in occupational health and safety, and pursuing the continuous improvement of all its processes, in order to guarantee an optimal level of security along the supply chain, assigning the necessary resources and complying with all relevant provisions contained in the Ecuadorian legislation.


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